Medicare Advantage plans: need for it

In  end of  year 2016,  studies from  Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) showed that about 33 percent (which makes up 19 million people) enrollees of  Medicare switched to  health insurance Advantage Plans which were being offered by  private insurance companies such as  UnitedHealthcare whose Part C plans are known as  United Healthcare Medicare Advantage plans and since then these plans have gained a lot of popularity among  senior citizens.

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Basic information

Health insurance Advantage plans are more commonly known as Medicare Part C. These plans offer an extra choice to people so that they can receive their usual health insurance Parts A and Part B coverage along with some additional benefits as well including Prescription Drug coverage, hearing, dental, and vision services.  Private insurance companies operate benefits of health insurance Advantage plans instead of federal government (which controls Original Medicare).


Person is solely responsible for choosing health insurance Advantage plan which best suits him. Following are some of things regarding health insurance Advantage schemes which might attract people’s attention:

Medicare Advantage schemes usually offer more benefits than Original Medicare. However, there are some health insurance schemes which provide some extra benefits as well which are:

  • Medicare Prescription Drug plan or part D: This includes a list of drugs which plan covers. You should always confirm from provider that whether plan covers your prescription drug or not because a lot of cases have been recorded where people enrolled themselves in a plan but later found out that plan does not cover their prescription drugs.
  • As we have already mentioned that some plans also offer additional services such as routine checkups for vision, hearing, and dental.
  • You can also find some of plans which provide their enrollees with fitness programs such as gym memberships.

So, by doing a little bit of study you might succeed in getting plan which best serves your need and you will surely acknowledge ease Medicare Advantage plans bring to you by providing major benefits along with Original Medicare all within a single package which in turn saves you from trouble of dealing with different insurance companies.

Another thing of much importance is that if you have to pay some premium in your Medicare Advantage plan due to any additional service, then it will not be  only premium that you will have to pay because you will have to pay  Part B premium as well.