Merging Medicare Advantage Plan and Medicare Supplement insurance plan

Let us discuss that can we use  the Medigap and  the Part C plans which are offered by  the UnitedHealthcare known as  United Healthcare Medicare Advantage plans at  same time or not.

Medicare Supplement insurance plan

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Using the Medicare Supplement plans with the Medicare (Part A and Part B) can work and can also help you cover much expenditure which is not covered by the Medicare alone such as the deductibles, copays, and coinsurances. You will have to pay the premium of your Medicare Supplement plan because the medical protection does not cover it.  Federal government regularizes Medicare Supplement plans and in, most of states of U.S there are up to ten plans which are alphabetically represented from A to N.  Essential thing is that all policies with same letter contain same benefits no matter which insurance company is providing them.

Supplement plans do not provide coverage for any type of health service plan except for Medicare along with medical protection Advantage plan.

Medicare Advantage Plan

Health security Advantage plans are also known as Part C plans and these plans are sold by private insurance companies such as UnitedHealthcare, Kaiser Etc. These private insurance companies make contract with health security Part A for hospitalization and Part B for doctor visits except for hospice care because that is already covered by Part A. Another thing which has played a great role in health security benefit plan’s success is that some types of health security Advantage schemes also additionally offer medical protection Prescription Drug coverage (Plan D) as well.  Benefits do not stop only to this because some of these schemes also offer common checkup services such as hearing, vision, and dental, and some plans even provide fitness programs to their members. Therefore, by enrolling  health security Advantage schemes a person gets his hospital insurance and  medical insurance via  health security Advantage schemes and not through  Original Medicare.

Merging Supplement insurance plan with health security benefit scheme

If a person is already enrolled in medical protection Advantage plan then typically, he or she can enroll in a medical security supplement insurance scheme as well but there is a condition, and that is:

  • Person’s health security Advantage scheme should finish before his health security Supplement scheme begins its action.

Most of insurance companies provide Supplement insurance plan even if they know that a person is enrolled in a medical protection Advantage plan.